J Rockett Pedals .45 CalibreĀ 

Many guitar pedal manufacturers have a “Marshall in a box” style pedal in their arsenal but, this take on a genuine 1962 JTM 45 is up there with the best. Influenced by the classic Malcom Young crunchy rhythm tones and the Pete Townsend Live at Leeds lead tone, the .45 Calibre captures these sounds excellently. 

The pedal features a four control layout including loud (volume), gain, bass and treble. It is also true bypass and runs on a 9 volt battery or power supply. Rockett have used the new “Speed Swtich” system for the footswitch, which makes for a smooth on and off transition. 

It has taken over a year for Rockett to really nail this pedal not only in sound, but also in feel. This pedal really feels like you’re playing through a cranked JTM 45 style amp. So, if you have a clean amp but want a “Marshall in a box” style sound but without breaking the bank for another amplifier, then this pedal is for you. It really is like having a second amp channel and turns your clean amp into a classic rock monster. 

Here is a link to a YouTube demo of the .45 Calibre: https://youtu.be/hhfHvciPYkU