Country to Country (C2C) 2017. The Growth of U.K Country Music. Day 3.

Sunday seemed to be the busiest of the three days. Perhaps that was due to more day tickets being sold because The Zac Brown Band were headlining that evening. However, that didn’t take anything away from the atmosphere, in fact it made it better, which I didn’t think was possible. 

I was introduced to and up coming singer songwriter by my good friend and songwriting partner, Emily Faye. He said that he was planning to watch an artist called Logan Brill later on at 2.05pm. He told me he’d seen her perform last year at the Nashville Meets London festival and said she was great. Naturally, I was eager to watch her perform and I’m always wanting to find new artists to listen to. Logan’s performance was awesome and her presence on stage captivated the audience. She performed a mixture of originals and covers, and her arrangement of “Champagne Supernova” by Oasis was a hit with the crowd as they sang along with her. My personal favourites were her original songs, “Shuteye” and “World Still Round”, which are off of her latest album entitled “Shuteye”. If you haven’t downloaded the album, I strongly urge you to because it’s excellent throughout. After her set, I decided that this would be a perfect interview to round off the weekend. After waiting for the fans to finish getting autographs and photos, I had the pleasure of talking to Logan about her thoughts on U.K country music. I asked her if she’d been impressed with the reception of country music here in the U.K. “It’s blown me away. It really has”. She enthused. “There’s such a love for country music here and it’s cool to see a lot of bands that are doing their own version of country from the U.K as well. The audiences here have been incredible”. This was amazing to here from an artist from the home of country music. I also asked if she had any advice for a country band starting up. Her response was, “Just work hard and keep being true to yourself. The great thing about country music is that it glorifies the common man, the common story. If there’s an artist wanting to make country music, they should tell their own personal story”. Logan’s words resonated with me a lot and for me, they solidify the fact that country music is definitely growing in the U.K and it’s only a matter of time before it’s a mainstream genre here. Logan has been at home in Nashville writing for her new record and is back in the studio over the next few months. She hopes to release her new album in the next year or so, and I can’t wait to hear it. Links to Logan’s social media are at the end of the blog.

Now, my blog wouldn’t be complete without a fan interview. Like the other interviews and I asked this fan what his favourite part about the festival was. “I’m just taking it all in really. It’s my first time here and it’s amazing to see so many people who love country music”. He also gave his opinion on the growth of country music in the U.K. “Country music is definitely growing here and it’s great to see so many U.K acts coming forward. Over the last five years it’s come a long way”. 

Overall, I feel that since Country to Country launched back in 2013, it has given country music a voice here in the U.K. It has been influential in getting more people into country music and the proof is in the growth of the festival since it began. Country music will only continue to grow here, and hopefully allow more country artists from Amercia to tour the U.K and inspire people to make country music. Judging by what I saw over the weekend, I’m sure that will materialise sooner rather than later. Country to Country has been truly inspiring and I can’t wait to get out there and help spread the country music love around the U.K. 

I hope you have enjoyed reading my mini blog series about the Country to County festival. It has been a pleasure writing it, and I hope it has given those of you who want to go next year an insight of what you can expect. Over the coming months, I will be filming a documentary about the U.K country music scene, so keep your eyes peeled. Over and out!

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Country to Country (C2C) 2017. The Growth of U.K Country Music. Day 2. 

Waking up on Saturday morning, still buzzing from the day before, meant I wasted no time getting to the O2 for round two of the C2C festival. An earlier start meant more time to enjoy my surroundings as I made my way from stage to stage and stall to stall. 

The first band I saw on Saturday were country rock outfit, Backwoods Creek. Kicking off their set at 10.50am, it felt more like 10.50pm under the dimmed lights of Club WM. Spectators already with beers in their hands as Saturday at C2C started with a bang. Backwoods Creek’s performance was filled with energy, fantastic guitar tones, rich vocals, and it was hard to believe these guys were from the U.K and not straight out of Nashville. I had the pleasure of interviewing them after they’d finished and I managed to catch up with the founding members, Jamie Wood and Yannick Van Riet. I asked them if they thought country music was growing in the U.K and Yannick’s response was, “It started really small and in the last year or so it’s grown massively. We like that!” Jamie then added with, “I think this festival shows it enough. I was here the first year and it hadn’t sold out at all. Now, the fact that it’s sold out and people are queuing out the doors to see bands is amazing”. This was something I noticed a lot during my time at C2C. On one occasion you couldn’t even get into Club WM because it was simply too full. It was great to see that people weren’t just here to see the main artists in the evening, they wanted to support the U.K bands too. Backwoods Creek are now heading into the studio to record their next E.P, and playing at Buckle and Boots festival up in Manchester in the summer. Links to their social media are at the end of the blog. 

So, after throughly enjoying Backwoods Creek’s set, I continued to explore the festival. I got to chat to another fan and asked him what he loves about country music. “I absolutely love country!” He enthused. “I like more modern country music as apposed to the more traditional country music. I love artists like, Lady Antebellum, Jennifer Nettles, Darius Rucker and Chris Young”. I then asked him if there was a particular artist he really wanted to see and he told me, “Unfortunately, I’m going to the miss The Zac Brown Band which is such a shame but, I’m most looking forward to seeing Darius Rucker and Chris Young”. To me, his answer highlighted that there is a genuine love for country music here in the U.K and no matter which flavour of the genre you preffered, there was something at C2C for everyone. 

I then saw one of the most exciting performances at the festival. Katy Hurt’s stage presence and catchy songs wowed the audience, and definitely left people talking about her. My favourite moment of her set was when she got the crowd to sing back one of her catchy melodies, and boy did they respond. Everyone watching was singing back at her, which was a fantastic moment. I just had to chat to Katy after her performance, and I managed to grab a couple of minutes with her. I asked her opinion on whether country music is growing in the U.K and she responded with, “I think it’s growing exponentially. I love seeing the reaction people are having to it. It makes my heart flutter”. I also wanted to know her views on collaborating with other artists an whether it is important. “Oh I think it’s hugely important” she informed. “Co-writing wasn’t a part of what I did until about a year ago, and it’s completely changed my life. When you hear other people’s perspective on something, it’s like nothing you’ve ever imagined before. It’s really cool to be able to share stories that way too”. Katy has just released a new single entitled “Dust” and an E.P called “Pieces of Me”. Katy and her band will be at U.K festivals this summer, so watch out because she’s going places. Links to Katy’s social media are at the end of the blog.

I hope you have enjoyed my second instalment about Country to Country 2017. Stay tuned as tomorrow’s blog will cover the last day and include a special interview and and a new project I have coming up. Keep your eyes peeled! 

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