Look no Further! The PRS Sonzera Amplifiers are here! 

So for the first instalment of my blog, I’m going to hit you with the new PRS Sonzera amplifiers released at the 2017 NAMM show. 

Starting from just £699 for the 20 watt combo and 50 watt head and £799 for the 50 watt combo, these valve amplifiers offer amazing tonal variety and are a real working musicians amp. The range includes a 20 watt combo, a 50 watt combo and a 50 watt head with a matching 2×12 cabinet. The Sonzeras are two channel amplifiers. The clean channel gives you amazing balance, clarity and great headroom. Much like the clean tones of other American amps. Not too boomy and not too trebly. It is a perfect pedal platform for those of you who get your overdrive sounds from pedals. The 20 watt combo offers bass, treble and volume controls on the clean channel. Whereas, the 50 watt version offers a three-band EQ. 
The lead channel has a similar circuit to the clean channel. What that means is that it can be set to sound like a boosted clean channel or, set to be a full-voiced overdrive. This can be done by tweaking the master and volume controls. The lead channel is equipped with a three-band EQ on both the 20 and the 50 watt versions. The Sonzera amplifiers come with presence and reverb controls. An effects loop is also built in for all you people using crazy delay and modulation pedals. Here’s a link to the PRS website for any more info you may want: http://prsguitars.com/products/sonzera

 In my opinion, these could be the best amplifiers in this price range on the market. Serious bang for your buck! 


Author: patrickantonyweeks

Hi there, I'm passionate about music and have been playing the guitar since the age of 6. I have a degree in music from BIMM London. I am also a fashion model signed to Storm Models. I guess my blog will be about all things guitar, music and maybe some articles about modelling thrown in for good measure.

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